Image of Godzilla's Revenge (DVD)

The world is not a friendly place for little Ichiro. Bullies chase him home from school, his parents are never home and now a pair of bank robbers are after him! So Ichiro escapes by traveling to Monster Island in his imagination. There he cheers on his hero, Godzilla, as the mighty monster battles the evil creatures of the island.

When Ichiro comes face to face with Godzilla's son, Minya, he learns that Godzilla is training Minya to defend himself against the giant beasts who share their home. Minya's spirit and determination inspire Ichiro to face his own enemies in the real world. The bank robbers and bullies think they're dealing with an ordinary little boy, but they soon discover that Ichiro has the heart and courage of a monster.

Gozilla's Revenge was directed by Inoshiro Honda, the first and the best of the Godzilla directors. Featuring the original theatrical 2.35:1 widescreen format and images of superb quality taken from the film's original print, this 1969 classic is a valuable collector's treasure.

Special Features

Widescreen or Full Screen
Original Soundtrack AC-3 Mono
Additional Soundtrack (digitally remastered) Dolby Digital AC-3 5.1
Interactive Trivia Game
Motion Menu Icons/Scene Access
Godzilla Trailer Collection
Godzilla Vidceo Art Gallary
Film Facts

(Bonus) DVD-ROM Features:
4 Full Screen, Full Motion Screen Savers
Printable Photo Gallery
Printable Art Gallery and
simitar.com Website Access
followthru.com Website access

Format: DVD
Runtime: 69 Min / Color

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