Image of A Boy and His Dog (Blu-ray)

The year in which A Boy and His Dog takes place is 2024. The few survivors who remain above ground must forage and fight for the remaining food, clean water, clothes, weapons, ammunition and women. Of these necessities, women are the rarest; most survivors are male because while males were off fighting in the wars, their enemies bombed and destroyed their homes. Among these survivors it has become a rule of "dog eat dog".

The main character, Vic (played by Don Johnson in the film), is an 18-year-old boy (15-years-old in the novella) born in the ruins of Pheonix, Arizona. In the novella and the film, Vic concentrates on stealing food and fulfilling his sexual needs. He is quite blase, because he lost both of his parents in the nuclear war, has no formal education and does not understand ethics or morality. Satisfying his carnal desires remains Vic's main motivation throughout the story. He is accompanies by a well-read and wise-cracking telepathic dog named Blood, an "experiences female provider" by his advances senses of smell and hearing. Blood's main motivation is food, notably popcorn (his favorite) which Vic is able to provide by theft or by purchasing from various vendors in the wastelands...

Format: Blu-ray / All Region / NTSC
Distributor: Inspired Distribution
Runtime: Approx. 90 Minutes / Color / Widescreen
Language: English

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