Image of 4-Movie Pack: Sci-Fi Classics (Horrors of Spider Island, The Wasp Woman, Voyage of the Prehistoric..

Sit back and enjoy four classic features digitally re-mastered onto DVD!

Horrors of Spider Island

An airplane enroute to Singapore carries with it a group of female dancers and their manager but unfortunately crash lands in the ocean somewhere in the South Pacific. Having survived the crash, the dancers and their manager mae their way to an uncharted island. When the manager is bitten by a strange spider, he is transformed into a spider-like man beast and begins stalking the dancers.

Starring: Harald Maresch, Barbara Valentin (1962) Color 75 Minutes Unrated

The Wasp Woman

The aging owner of a cosmetics company has been working with a questionable scientist on a beauty formula based upon queen bee secretions. Insisting that she be the first to try the formula, she is transformed into a remarkably younger and more vibrant looking woman. unfortunately, the formula has side effects that cause her to eventually transform into a human wasp.

Starring: Susan Calbot, Antohony Eisley (1960) B&W 73 Minutes Unrated

Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet

A spaceshop orbits the planet Venus, piloted by astronaut Marcia. on the surface two fellow astronauts, and a robot companion, set out on a voyage of exploration, observed from afar by Professor Hartman. First they are attacked by prehistoric creatures, and then lose their robot in a massive volcanic eruption that consumes the planet.

Starring: Basil Rathbone, Faith Domergue (1965) Color 74 Minutes Unrated

Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women

A group of astronauts attempt to rescue a party standed on the surface of Venus. In the process they encounter numerous perils, including distinctly unfriendly prehistory monsters. Their misadventures are watched from afar by a group of telepathic alien women who worship a pterosaur named Tera.

Starring: Marnie Van Doren, Mary Mart (1968) Color 80 Minutes Unrated

Format: DVD
Distribute: Mill Creek Entertainment

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